On Time to Rethink ACtivity Knowledge: a personalized mHealth coaching platform to tackle physical inactivity in COPD

Most patients with Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are physically inactive. Low PA levels in daily life have been related to adverse outcomes, such as a higher risk of exacerbations, hospitalizations and mortality, and reduced quality of life. Therefore, improving patients’ PA levels is a global priority for governments, policy makers and clinicians.
The OnTRACK project aimed to promote effective PA behaviors in patients with COPD through the development of a digital platform for personalized PA coaching. The digital platform consists of a mobile app to provide patients with feedback on their daily PA and a web-based app where healthcare professionals can monitor patients’ activity levels and define individualized goals, which can be then visualized in the mobile app. The OnTRACK coaching platform is innovative for several reasons:
1) It was developed using a user-centred approach, considering end-users’ needs, expectations and feedback, to enhance their adherence;
2) It uses a smartband (wearable) or smartphone sensors to (self-)monitor PA behavior, without the need to manually insert PA data in the mobile app;
3) It is dynamic and includes professional follow-up;
4) It includes regular notifications on the mobile app to provide patients with feedback and enhance their motivation.

Keywords: Chronic respiratory disease; Digital health; Physical activity

Principal Investigator
Joana Cruz



  • Alda Marques
  • Ana Oliveira
  • Liliana Santos

International consultants:

  • Dina Brooks (University of McMaster, Canada);
  • Chris Burtin (Hasselt University, Belgium).

24 months (2018-2022)

Institutional Partners and Others
University of Aveiro;
University of McMaster (Canada);
Hasselt University (Belgium).