Researcher is invited to integrate scientific book on intellectual disabilities

Helena Reis, lecturer in Occupational Therapy and researcher, Ph.D., in Child Studies, in the field of Special Education, at ciTechCare, is co-author of the chapter “From Birth to adolescence: Related neurodevelopmental Disorders” that is part of the book entitled “Intellectual Disabilities: Health and Social Care Across the Lifespan”, recently published in Springer. 

The book aims to be a guide for nurses, health and social care professionals, but also for the relatives of people with intellectual disabilities, contributing to a better performance of caregivers, taking into account the needs and health care of people with this type of condition. 

The chapter written by researcher Helena Reis, together with Caroline Dalton O’Connor, is mainly dedicated to the study of three distinct conditions: Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder.