RUN-EU’s short advanced programmes bring together researchers to develop proposals for collaborative projects

The University of Győr – Széchenyi István University gathered researchers and students from all RUN.EU – European University institutions, from April 24th to 28th, that participated in three short courses in the areas of Green, Digital and Socioeconomic Transition in the European Union, whose aim was to develop proposals for innovative and collaborative research projects focused on the priority areas of each course.

ciTechCare was represented in the three Short Advanced Programmes (SAP), with the participation of doctoral researchers Marisa Gaspar and Rafael Fernandes Pinheiro and research fellows Sara Pimenta, Flávio Costa and Marlene Lages.

Participants also had the opportunity to be involved in sessions promoted by Researchers and Professors from the RUN-EU community, which addressed topics such as innovation practices, design thinking and disruptive thinking.

An experience that ended with the presentation of the work developed by the groups focused on solutions for the priority problems of the European Union, which revealed to be an opportunity to share knowledge and promote partnerships between RUN-EU members.