Tertúlia em Dói Menor – Chronic pain in pandemic time

ciTechCare collaborates with the Artistic and Musical Society of Pousos (SAMP) in the project “Music Therapy with People with Chronic Pain” which received the Prize BPI Solidariedade “La Caixa” 2019. With the purpose of reflecting on the status of the project and outlining new strategies, SAMP organized a roundtable discussion entitled ‘Tertúlia em Dói Menor | Chronic Pain in times of pandemic’, where Health Professionals, Music Therapists and Beneficiaries will be present. The coordinator of ciTechCare, Maria Guarino, will chair the roundtable. This meeting will take place on March 26 2021 (Friday), at 6:30 pm, and will be broadcasted through:

– YouTube channel SAMP

– Webpage SAMP Play

More information HERE.