Marlene Rosa is co-author of the book “Human Aging and Contemporaneity”

Two chapters of the book “Human Aging and Contemporaneity” were written with the collaboration of Marlene Rosa, integrated member and researcher of ciTechCare in rehabilitation and dementia in the elderly, and founder of the Agilidades project, company Spin-off of the Polytechnic of Leiria. The study that gave rise to the chapter ‘Anxiety and the performance of executive functions by the institutionalized elderly population – a pilot study using the MATRIX instrument’, aimed to identify the relationship between anxiety and the performance of the ability of Inhibitory Control by the elderly population institutionalized, through the application of the analog game of

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Raising awareness about the importance of scientific research: a great good – an opinion article

The scientific findings are associated with long processes, although not easy ones. But “will society realize the importance of scientific research to improve the conditions of life?”, asks Marisa Gaspar, PhD researcher in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Marisa admits that the most recent pandemic might have caused “an alert, not only national, mas also worldwide, that the research work is important”, since “the researchers joined forces and had been working, (…) in a fight against time”. Although the scientific research takes time, it is necessary for the treatment, as well as “for the prevention of diseases like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and

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Maria Guarino integrates the Executive Committee of CHL research center

Maria Guarino, ciTechCare Coordinator, is part of the Executive Committee of the research center of Leiria Hospital Center. As a member of this team, Maria Guarino will have as main function the promotion of the connection to academia, fostering interinstitutional relations, which will allow the organizations involved to benefit from a shared scientific culture. There are 10 elements that constitute the Executive Committee of this research unit, from different areas of clinical research, such as public health, pneumology, surgery, internal medicine, mental health, pharmacology, among other fields of action.  The principal mission of this team will be the data update

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