Rehabilitation Device

This project intends to create a multisensory, portable, and wireless medical device, to be used by people with functional limitations, due to changes in the structures of the upper limb. This device will allow the monitoring, training, and rehabilitation of parameters as strength and range of motion of the hand, responding to the need for accountability and involvement of users in their treatment process, giving them more autonomy and responsibility during the treatment.

Keywords: Assessment; Rehabilitation; Hand functionality

Principal Investigator: Elisabete Roldão

Research Team
Maria Guarino
Maria Dulce Gomes
Nuno Miranda
Nuno Vieira Lopes

Early: February 2019
Start of financing in the Inoc+ Project : approved in December 2020 end of June 2023

Institutional partners and Others
GLN Plast;
Instituto de Telecomunicações de Aveiro;
Vitor Paulo – GLN Plast;
Marco Dias – GLNPlast;
Miguel João – GLNPlast;
Pedro Costa – GLN Plast;
Marina Bastos – Exatronic; 
Pedro Mar – Exatronic;
Nuno Gomes – Exatronic;
Lúcia Bilro – IT Aveiro;
Ricardo Oliveira – IT Aveiro.

Financiado no âmbito do Fundo Europeu para o Desenvolvimento Social – INOVC+ : Ecossistema de inovação Inteligente da Região Centro com o número Centro-01-0246-FEDER-000044 (nr. da candidatura:53137).